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Welcome to Whitcliffe Records

 Swaledale looking West 
         in November.
Whitcliffe Scar high to right

Whitcliffe Records takes its name from Whitcliffe Scar near Richmond in North Yorkshire.  In the mist of a November day in 1606, Robert Willance leapt unwittingly from Whitcliffe Scar on horseback.  He survived the fall of 212 feet and erected a stone to thank his maker.  Down the centuries further stones have repeated his words:-  


"Hear us - Glory be to our Merciful God

 who Miraculously Preserved me from the Danger so Great"


In September, 2006, the Town of Richmond celebrated the 400th Anniversary with a new stone placed at the Leap.  People of Richmond with their mayor and many mayors and people from afar walked the few miles to Willance's Leap.  Here John Wilson sang his song 'Robert Willance' to tell the remarkable story to those gathered.


John Wilson's CD 'LEAP YEAR' features this song and

was produced especially for the occasion.


Hear Us

Glory be to Our

Merciful God

who Miraculously Preserved me from

the Danger so Great


Willance's Leap by
Shelagh Powell
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