We meet at the Britannia, Archer St., Darlington DL3 6LR, overlooking the ring road as it joins Bondgate.

Meetings vary.  Depends what's on and how much practice we think we need. Next Meeting

We need new members.

If you're not too far from Darlo, have a good voice but can't act why not get in touch?

NB if you do fall in combat you will be brought back to life again. Promise.

Darlington Mummers Diary

John Wilson

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Who knows

Darlington Mummers

are the

Oldest Revivalist

Mummers Team in the country


(the team not  the performers)


(well some)




NB We are a Mummers Team, we do Plays,

not Dances


You could say Mummers are to Theatre what Morris Dancers are to Ballet

Darlington Mummers are a revivalist team but with our own 50 year tradition presenting Mummers Plays at Folk Clubs and Festivals; while for many earlier years we simply appeared out of the blue in local pubs.  Our stalwart play was long the Pace Egg from Lancaster but for many years now we have performed also a Wooing Play, a Souling Play (featuring Dick the 'oss) and plays from as far as Netley Abbey, Hampshire and as near as Haughton le Skerne.  We have also a fine Tup and an Old 'Oss custom.  Whilst ever light hearted we are careful never to turn the traditional play into a pantomime.

Who knows what covid19 will bring.  

We can't do a Mummers Play spaced 2m apart, we often get changed in a space less than that


And what of audiences, best response is in packed Folk Clubs but will we see the likes again?


Its all up for speculation...