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New Mummers Needed

Dick the 'oss

We need new members to carry on this tradition.  We’ve been going over 50 years but stands to reason we'll not be here in another fifty.  If you think you might give it a try we’d love to hear from you.  Give us a ring, send an email or just sidle up when you encounter us somewhere.  We hear from other teams i.e. dance and sword that keeping numbers up is becoming a problem.


Mostly we do plays at festivals and folk clubs; we sing as a body of chorus to back the singing of one of us as an individual but that’s not essential. That’s how we do Folk Clubs, a play and maybe later a song set.  We are all men but the long men only rule within the Morris Ring has been voted out at the 2018 ARM  (like AGM)


We meet at the Britannia in Darlington, sometimes once a month, sometimes weekly, depends what’s on.  The Britannia serves real ale but there’s no requirement to drink!  As we are a revival team we don’t have any local feast day of which we’re a part but we were out as a team for example nine times in 2017 including our own Ceilidh in February.  A festival might mean we’re away all weekend.


We’ll be delighted to hear from you if you fancy a go.

Ring John Clasper 01325 355831

or email John Wilson    john @ whitcliffe records.co.uk (no spaces)